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Use these social distancing stickers at your workplace, supermarkets, hardware stores, pharmacies, petrol stations, medical clinics, hospitals, aged care facilities, etc.

Social distancing floor stickers are great to show people where they can stand in times of social distancing. When placed correctly on floors the 1.5m distance is easy for people to keep.

Our COVID-19 self adhesive floor stickers are easy to apply.


choose 5 stickers or 10 stickers


22cm W x 22cm H each

application location:

- indoors, on short pile commercial CARPET or carpet tiles

- CSIRO slip-resistance tested to AS4586:2013


- up to 3 months, depending on traffic

- clean removability depends on pile height and type, fiber and foot traffic


We also ship social distancing door stickers to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland via DHL. Shipping is generally 4-5 business days.

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